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Who needs to collect CTLE hours?

Teachers who hold professional teaching certificates and paraprofessionals who hold Level III teaching assistant certificates need to collect CTLE hours.

If you achieve certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, you will be deemed to have met the CTLE requirement for that five-year cycle.

Teachers who hold other certificates (initial, conditional initial, Transitional A, Transitional B, internship or permanent) and paraprofessionals who hold Level I or II teaching certificates do not need to collect CTLE hours.

How many CTLE hours must I collect?

You must collect 100 CTLE hours in each five-year cycle. The five-year cycle begins when you register with the New York State Education Department after receiving your professional teaching certificate or your Level III teaching assistant certificate, so individual deadlines will vary.


Teachers with professional certification and paraprofessionals who hold a Level III Teaching Assistant Certificate must complete 100 Continuing Teacher Leader and Education hours every five years to maintain their certification. The current cycle — called a registration period — began in July 2016 and ends in July 2021. LearnUFT and the UFT Teacher Center hold virtual workshops for CTLE credit throughout the school year for members who need more hours.

Teachers with permanent certification do not need CTLE hours, although they must register on the State Education Department website.

What is the time frame of the first five-years CTLE cycle and when am I required to complete and submit proof of my CTLE hours?

Yes, SPDI is proud to be approved by NYSED as a Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Sponsor. Our compliance with the Commissioner of Education's Section 80-6 regulations gives both teachers and school districts the added sense of confidence in the quality of SPDI courses.

Is Sachem Professional Development Inc. (SPDI) a NYSED approved CTLE provider?

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